Health and Safety

Here at Halcor, the copper tubes division of ElvalHalcor, our commitment of safeguarding the health and safety of our people and partners is absolute and non-negotiable, hense we work methodically to achieve our target of: «zero accidents and no occupational diseases».


Working in a safe environment is everyone’s non-negotiable right, therefore we place as priority and primary concern, health and safety protection of our people and associates with commitment to the implementation of the optimum safety standards.

The strong management commitment is reflected in the Health and Safety Policy, which is implemented through Health and Safety Management System certified to international standards.

The applied System:

  • Is based on prevention.
  • Aims at the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions at work.
  • Focuses on the employee to ensure his/her safety in the workplace.
  • Encourages the participation and contribution by all employees and associates.
  • Follows strict standards and is certified by an independent body.


Through a systematic effort focused on accident prevention, we aim to continuously improve our performance in this area. We go beyond mere compliance with the national and European legislation in force and apply best practices and standards for occupational health and safety. We are promoting a policy for continuous improvement, with a positive impact on the development of a safety culture, at all levels of our operation.

Our approach to Occupational Health and Safety includes:

  • Continuous investment in infrastructure projects to increase safety at work.
  • Application of Lock Out – Tag Out system during plant machinery maintenance.
  • Safe conduct audits to establish a “Safety Climate”.
  • In-depth investigation and recording of all incidents, as well as near misses, followed by implementation of improvement measures to reduce accidents. Employee targeted and awareness raising training so as to create a safety culture.
  • Continuous investment on improvement of fire safety systems.


We substantially and systematically invest in health protection measures and infrastructure, so to increase safety at work.


The collaboration and contribution by everyone involved is the basis for creating a climate of safety. We pursue excellence in this crucial area, by developing a culture where responsibility for occupational safety will be part of everyone’s mentality. To change mentality towards a safer work behavior, we focus on constantly raising our peoples’ and associates’ awareness in this area by implementing a targeted and extensive training program.

In an effort for safety responsibility to go beyond the Management special events are organized, like the Health & Safety Month, aiming to support the prevention mentality in Occupational Health and Safety.