Quality Policy

ElvalHalcor, which demonstrates its commitment to the quality of its products, has established a quality management system and is committed to its implementation. The quality management system complies with the organizational and management requirements described in the international standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949: 2016 (for the aluminium sector) and covers the whole range of activities for design, production, marketing and design of ElvalHalcor products. The principles for the implementation of the quality management system are laid down in this Quality Policy

ElvalHalcor is determined to produce high quality products with the sole purpose of convincing customers by delivering on the results desired by the customer, in the expected time and at the lowest possible cost. The central management of ElvalHalcor has decided on the following aspects of its continuous improvement philosophy:

  1. The qualitative improvement of products, means of production and processes.
  2. Further innovation and renewal.
  3. The application of scientific and modern management processes.
  4. Improving communication, team spirit and collaboration between different industries of the company, including suppliers and sub-manufacturers as well as the customer, who is the most important person in the production process.

 To achieve these goals, the company is committed to have and exercise:

  • Employees with high quality education and excellent organization.
  • Sophisticated tools and productive equipment to monitor all parameters that affect our goals.
  • Modern methods for the development and production of products as well as for the control of the influencing parameters thereof.
  • Methodology of systematic risk identification and risk assessment.

With the creativity, initiative and capability of ElvalHalcor employees, ElvalHalcor aims to meet the needs of each customer in terms of quality, delivery time and agreed price as well as long-term growth, competitiveness and success of the company on an international level. 

The Quality Management System is constantly monitored using various performance indicators. Based on the continuous information and the annual review of the System, management is committed to setting new goals and goals and providing the resources needed to achieve them. 

The above policies are made accessible to the public and will be communicated to all company employees and partners, of which precise implementation thereof is required. The above policies are publicly available and will be communicated to all company employees and partners who are required to comply with them. 

Halcor Managing Director                                                          

Panos Lolos