Commitment for Quality

The main and exclusive scope of Halcor, as a manufacturer of copper material products, is to provide reliable solutions, by means of high quality products, as well as the corresponding services. Our goal is to provide tailored, customer based solutions, since we consider our challenge to fulfill in an effective manner the specific requirements of each customer’s application. In addition, Halcor focuses on providing top quality products and immediate services, short delivery times and appropriately handling possible complaints in direct way. Thus, the pertinent customer satisfaction is promoted and consequently the relevant engagement is enhanced.

To our perspective, the prerequisite to reliability is the quality level of products. In order to assure the quality of its product portfolio across the whole range and throughout all stages of production, Halcor applies rigid and extensive quality control procedures, leveraging the expertise of its highly trained and skilled staff.

In that frame, Halcor implements, through its facilities and procedures, a Quality Management System certified according to the requirements of the international ISO 9001:2015 standard. Moreover, all Company’s products are in compliance to the requirements of European and American standards assuring the high level of their quality. Our products quality is further recognized, by the several relevant quality marks, approved by the corresponding international organizations, which certify the well-established level of conformity to the requirements of demanding standards.

For Halcor quality assurance means:

  • Implementation of international quality assurance standards.
  • Rigid control at all production phases by qualified and trained staff.
  • Continuous improvement of production and product control processes.
  • Investing in new infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment.

HALCOR systematically invests towards the continuous improvement of production and control processes for all our products, as well as in improving the quality of the provided services.