Technology & Research

Halcor invests continuously in R&D of processes, products, and materials with the objective to introduce technology improvements in various metallurgical applications and thus offer cutting-edge products and integrated solutions. As an active member of the Hellenic Research Centre for Metals (ELKEME), Halcor also supports broader efforts to promote R&D in the copper sector and builds on the technical expertise of a network of research institutes, universities and research companies. Through research, Halcor is able to accumulate significant knowledge in production process and product improvements to meet the most demanding and diversified customer requirements. Halcor’s continuous advancements in technology enable the company to support clients as products and services evolve through time.

Proof of the company’s ability to offer comprehensive services and product improvements is the establishment of the innovative Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory. The Tube Heat Transfer Laboratory allows Halcor to manufacture TALOSⓇ Inner-Groove Tubes (IGT) and TALOSACR tubes based on different customer specifications, as well as introduce improvements in specific product applications.

Halcor is also a founding member of the Hellenic Copper Development Institute, actively involved in educational programs by providing materials, hosting and financing specialised seminars across Greece. Through HCDI, a member of the European Copper Institute (ECI), Halcor is actively involved in major research projects concerning copper’s impact on human health and the environment.