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ElvalHalcor announces that its Aluminium Rolling Division (Elval), is the first Greek aluminium manufacturer that certifies its production facilities against the ASI Chain of Custody Standard

ElvalHalcor announces that its Aluminium Rolling Division production facilities at Oinofyta (Elval) have been certified to the ASI Chain of Custody Standard (CoC). The certification audit was conducted by DNV Business Assurance Services UK LTD from June 30 – July 1st 2021 and resulted to full certification.

POSTED 05-10-2021
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The merger by absorption of FITCO by HALCOR has been finalized and the Copper Tubes division is renamed as “Copper & Alloys Extrusion Division”

On 01.07.2021 the decision with Registration Code Number 2574251 and protocol Nr.73823/01.07.2021 of the Ministry of Development and Investments, General Secretariat ofCommerce and Consumer Protection, was registered in the General Commercial Registry(“G.E.MI.”). By operation of the aforesaid decision the merger by absorption of “FITCO” by theCopper Extrusion division of ELVALHALCOR was approved.

POSTED 01-07-2021
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ElvalHalcor receives two awards at the “Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2021”

ElvalHalcor, received two awards at the “Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards”,, reaffirming once again the Company’s commitment to sustainability principles and to the implementation of responsible business practices. This year’s “Bravo Awards” took place at the online Sustainability Week 2021 event, organized by Quality Net Foundation (QNF) during the week May 31 to June 5, 2021.

POSTED 21-06-2021


With this letter, we would like to inform you regarding the upcoming new structure of HALCOR, namely, the merger by absorption of “FITCO S.A.” by the Copper Tubes division of ELVALHALCOR. Specifically, we announce that the Boards of Directors of the companies “ELVALHALCOR” and its 100% subsidiary, non-listed company “FITCO METAL WORKS SINGLE MEMBER S.A.” as per their decisions, on 14/5/2021, decided the commencement of preparatory activities for the merger by absorption of “FITCO” by “ELVALHALCOR”.

POSTED 01-06-2021


ElvalHalcor was distinguished as the Export Leader 2021 during the “An exports-oriented Greece – Export Leaders 2021” forum held online on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, in an event dedicated to the Greek economy and entrepreneurship, organised by New Times Publishing which for yet another year raised awareness and awarded our country’s companies/Export Leaders.

POSTED 23-03-2021

ElvalHalcor’s double distinction at “Business Awards Hrima” 1st place in the “Globalization” award category and 2nd place “Best International Activities Company”

ElvalHalcor received 1st place in the “Globalization” award category and the 2nd award ”Best International Activities Company” at the “Business Awards Hrima 2020”. “Business Awards Hrima” are recognized by the business and investment community as a renowned institution of annual evaluation for the listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange. For the 18th consecutive year, the investment community, readers of the financial-investment ”Hrima” magazine, as well as visitors of the business-financial portal,, highlighted and rewarded companies that contribute effectively to the growth of the national economy, employment and the Greek capital market.

POSTED 04-01-2021

ElvalHalcor recognised as ”True Leader” for 2019 by ICAP Group

ElvalHalcor was recognised for another consecutive year as a “True Leader”, in the framework of this established ICAP event. This year, according to ICAP’s standards for inclusion in the True Leaders of Greece ranking, out of a total of 31,000 companies in Greece, ElvalHalcor and 86 more companies succeeded in achieving the distinction as leaders of the Greek economy – ”True Leaders”. The “True Leader” event, recognizes and awards those companies and groups which combine four objective and measurable criteria, i.e. solid financial results, investment in human resources, leading position in the relevant business sector and a high credit rating.

POSTED 18-12-2020