Care for society

Care for local communities

Our Company’s growth and operation is inextricably linked to our local community.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our people’s contribution as Volunteers.

For the eighth consecutive year, ElvalHalcor’s employees are contributing for a society of solidarity. A voluntary contribution programme, created by our people for our fellow human beings. The goods collected in 2019 were donated to the “Agios Vlasios” Chronical Diseases Infirmary of Livadia, in order to be distributed to families in need. Along with the employees’ contribution, ElvalHalcor, wishing to support further this initiative, contributed by purchasing a large amount of goods. In addition, in October 2019, the copper tubes division’s employees implemented a voluntary action for the cleaning of the beach of the natural habitat Variko of the Municipality of Oropos. The cleaning of the beach included the north side from the boatyard to the lagoon (salt lakes) of Oropos in the east, a distance of about 1 km.

Supporting the “Global talent” and “Global volunteer” programmes.

For the third consecutive year, we fully supported the work of the NGO AIESEC. Halcor gave 5 young people the opportunity to experience the fast and growing environment of a start-up business and to develop new professional skills. The entrepreneurship in start-up businesses abroad programme is Global Entrepreneur. Scholarship students visited start-ups in Egypt and the Czech Republic, while the youth employment projects were in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing and Sales.

Copper and health

The antimicrobial properties of copper have been known since antiquity, as it was observed that copper can be effective in curing various infections. Today, this property of copper and specific copper alloys has been scientifically proven and around 360 copper alloys (containing more than 60% copper), in addition to pure copper (99.99% pure copper), have been registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most effective solid metals that can act as a supplementary measure in the usual hygiene practices for high-touch surfaces, to protect public health and reduce infections. The implementation of antimicrobial copper in Greece is already ten years old, with applications in ICUs of hospitals, schools and public places, and has shown that where antimicrobial copper objects were placed, the microbial flora was significantly reduced. Today, given the spread of the new coronavirus, the application of antimicrobial copper objects is imperative in crowded places (Hospitals, schools, hotels, nursing homes, supermarkets, public transport, etc.), where spread prevention and hygiene protocols are implemented. The antimicrobial properties of copper can play a key role in containing the spread of COVID-19, as is the virus is transmitted like other similar viruses such as SARS-MERS, contaminating multi-touched surfaces. The antimicrobial activity of copper has been scientifically proven to reduce the time SARS and MERS viruses last on its surfaces, acting from the first minute, with complete elimination of the viral load in two hours, while on plastic and stainless steel surfaces the viruses remain active for more than a day. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, copper can be an important complementary means of prevention, supplementing hygiene protocols in dealing with the spread of COVID-19.