Human resources

“Our people” are the key to our success. Our success is based on the dedication, creativity and know-how of our people.

We stand by our people with a sense of responsibility and consistency and we actively support their professional development. Our human resources strategy focuses on empowering employees, strengthening leadership skills, promoting talent and on enhancing a customer-oriented culture. To achieve this, we follow and implement, internally, continuously evolving human resource management systems and practices.

We invest in constant development of our people through modern performance management systems, design of career paths and identification. A key priority for Halcor’s management is to ensure optimum working conditions and fair rewards, with respect for human rights, diversity and equal opportunities for all employees.

Supporting local employment

We try to recruit our workforce from the local community in which we are based 

Our attention and commitment to our people is illustrated by official documents such as the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, and the Halcor’s human resources policies. Our human resources policies and initiatives are intended to effectively attract, develop and retain employees.

Read our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics