Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

Halcor operates consistently and responsibly with a client-centric approach. The company maintains longstanding partnerships with businesses and professionals as a provider of specialized and reliable copper solutions. The company’s goal is to emerge as a leading copper tube production company in Europe. Halcor closely monitors the market and develops synergies in order to successfully address the specialized and ever-changing needs of its clients.

Halcor, with a consistent and reliable commercial policy, implements a clear strategy focused on extroversion, production flexibility and constant upgrading of quality and solutions provided to its clients, building longstanding relations based on trust. In addition, the Company has as a priority the development of its employees, adopts a culture of continuous improvement and invests in cutting-edge technology, always focusing on quality and competitiveness.

Halcor’s mission is to provide innovative products and solutions that create value. The Company aims to increase its market share, to penetrate new segments focusing on the international market, investing in new and environmentally friendly products of added value.

Our vision

Halcor’s vision is to become a leading benchmark in the global market, with products and solutions that are recognized for their high quality, reliability, competitiveness and innovation. Always driven by Sustainable Development, the Company aspires to anticipate its clients’ needs by developing diverse, competitive products based on new technologies, contributing at the same time in the sector’s growth and creating more value for all stakeholders.

Our values


We exist and we grow based on reliability, we depend on it for the relationships we build internally and externally. All our activities and transactions are defined by responsibility, integrity and business ethics.


We operate based on the principles of Sustainable Development, with respect to people, the environment and society, whether this has to do with our internal processes or planning and development of products, or the relationships we build with partners, providers and local communities.


We operate through teamwork, dedication to the Company and commitment towards our clients, who are at the forefront of our activities. We develop innovative solutions and we maintain longstanding relationships providing excellent customer service and offering tailor made solutions. We keep our promises to our clients, striving to achieve continuous improvement.


We operate with transparency; we preserve and develop a safe workplace with equal opportunities for all. We maintain and seek open communication with local communities and all stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics is a key tool for shaping corporate culture, and complements the effective implementation of our policies. The Code promotes moral integrity, honesty and transparency as well as appropriate professional conduct at all levels of the Company’s hierarchy. It contains fundamental principles, rules and core values which form the framework of our corporate actions. This set of rules and principles describes the conduct we expect from our people, as well as the way we do business with our customers, suppliers and other associates. Code of Conduct