Issuance of common bond loan

HALCOR METAL WORKS S.A announces, according to article 16 par. 3 of Law 3556/2007, the refinancing of part of the existing loans of HALCOR Group through the issuance of new syndicated collateralized long-term bond loans amounting to €270,124,000, with co-arrangers the four major Greek Banks, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE S.A., ALPHA BANK S.A., EUROBANK ERGASIAS S.A. and PIREAUS BANK S.A., as follows:
– HALCOR S.A. : €180,550,000
– FITCO S.A. : €13,035,000
– HELLENIC CABLES S.A. : €76,539,000

The loans, that represent approximately the 74% of the existing bank debt of the Greek companies of the Group, have 5 years maturity with an option of 2 years extension and have been issued according to L.3156/2003 and L.2190/1920, based on decisions of the respective General Shareholders Meetings.