The U.S. Copper Industry: Critical to Keeping the U.S. Operational Element of Life, Productivity, Economy

In these times of social distancing, work from home, shelter in place, and shortages of critical medical, health, and life infrastructure it has never been more clear which industries, products, and services are essential to our lives. Not just nice to haves but need to haves.

Current times have shown us that these, among others are essential:

Well equipped, up-to-date medical facilities and staff.

First responders and emergency services equipment and personnel.

Capable and resilient critical lifeline infrastructure – water, electricity, fuel, transportation, communications, data.

Robust, agile, responsive financial institutions, systems, networks

Secure, safe and resilient national, regional and local food and dry goods supply and logistics.

BUT, that’s only what you see. Underpinning all of these essential goods and services are the raw materials necessary to make them possible, food, fuel, metals, polymers… these are critical. Without these, all of the above either don’t exist, don’t work, or can’t be delivered to where they are needed.

Of any of these critical materials, COPPER and its many alloys may be the only ones that are the building block for all essential goods and services. Without it, none of the above are possible.