The industry has proven to be resilient to crises,
but companies need to be strengthened and scaled up for the future

Appropriate reforms and strengthening are a prerequisite for more companies to reach ElvalHalcor standards

The necessary conditions to stimulate investment in the country were highlighted during the 26th Economist Government Roundtable by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Mr.  Nikos Papathanasis, the General Manager of Copper Segment at ElvalHalcor Mr.  Panos Lolos, the CEO of EYDAP Mr. Harry is Sachinis and the General Financial Manager of GEK Terna Group, Mrs. Penelope Lazaridou, participating in a panel on the topic “Greece: What incentives are the most critical to boost investments?”.

The main topics of the panel discussion were attractive business sectors, innovative investment tools available for businesses and governments with the top of all the Recovery Fund, as well as the opportunities for investment in sustainable development projects generated.

In his intervention, Mr. Lolos stressed that the Greek manufacturing industry has achieved significant wins in the international markets relying solely on its own strength, making great efforts to survive, through restructuring, accelerating innovation, technology, and extroversion to cope with successive crises.

The industry has proven to be resilient to crises, but companies need to be strengthened and scaled up for the future

ElvalHalcor is one of the most characteristic examples as it achieved significant growth, even under adverse conditions, also buildup a significant footprint in the Greek economy thus being placed among the few national Champions.

As Mr. Lolos pointed out: “Our country needs many more businesses like ElvalHalcor and to this end, appropriate reforms and strengthening are needed” stressing that “energy market reform is necessary to ensure the competitiveness of the Greek economy and that the available financial tools must be enhanced in order to allow further growth of businesses that the country requires”.

Panos Lolos on Greece: which incentives are the most critical in order to boost investment?

About ElvalHalcor

ElvalHalcor is a leading global industrial producer of aluminium and copper products. The Company was formed in December 2017 via the merger of Elval and Halcor. ElvalHalcor currently holds a leading position in Europe in the copper tubes sector, while also having established its leading position within the global aluminium rolling industry. The Company has over 40 years of experience and know-how, a strong production base across 17 state-of-the-art production plants and a market presence in over 90 countries. ElvalHalcor offers sustainable solutions and products in dynamically developing markets such as packaging, transportation, building and construction, heating, cooling and air conditioning and RES. ElvalHalcor’s growth focuses on investing in technology and sustainable development, thereby creating shared value for its stakeholders.