From Science Direct another scientifically thorough article and form of evidence of the action of antimicrobial copper on frequently encountered surfaces.

Copper surfaces are associated with significantly lower concentrations of bacteria on selected surfaces within a pediatric intensive care unit.


•The built hospital environment serves as a tremendous and continuous reservoir of microbes capable of colonizing and infecting patients.

•Cleaning, hand hygiene, and infection control bundles while effective cannot completely eliminate this risk.

•Augmenting the built hospital environment with continuously active antimicrobial surfaces fabricated from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered copper surfaces can significant lower the microbial burden, helping to augment existing infection control strategies.

•Copper surfaces were found to be significantly effective in lowering the burden found in multibed rooms associated with pediatric intensive care units.

•Copper surfaces warrant serious consideration when contemplating the introduction of no-touch disinfection technologies for reducing burden to limit acquisition of health care-associated infections.