Evolving beyond copper: The storyline behind HALCOR’s new tagline.

For the past 85 years, HALCOR has been synonymous with copper, internationally. For the company, copper is not simply a raw material; it is the driving force that makes it move forward; that has brought it to the point where it is today and has established it as one of the leading producers of copper & copper alloys in Europe.

Today Halcor is continuing to evolve and is accelerating its growth.

That’s how its new tagline, “Evolving beyond copper” came up. A key message aimed at both the Greek and global market, which suggests that HALCOR evolves copper, brass, and other copper alloys, while at the same time it evolves as an organization as well. 

What does “Evolving beyond copper” mean

The notion of the evolution of copper does not refer merely to the new, pioneering alloys of the company. It’s about something bigger and wider than the features of its products; it’s about its vision and tomorrow’s HALCOR.

“Evolving beyond copper” is about a company that invests in ultramodern production units, increasing its yield, and thus holding the leading position in the production of copper tubes in EMEA. That is utilizing high-tech infrastructures created after significant investment, such as the tube heat transfer laboratory, to develop solutions adapted to the needs of its customers. That is becoming, though its advanced offering, a valuable ally to its customers, building long-term relationships that ensure its future growth. 

“Evolving beyond copper” is about a company that looks ahead; creates the products of tomorrow; invests in research; invents innovative solutions; supports international sectors, such as HVAC, allowing them to further develop.

“Evolving beyond copper” is about a company that introduces new services in the industrial world; stands out for its unbeatable after-sales service; is recognized as a one-stop-shop that offers the widest range of sharply specialized services; relies on its own strength and is thus able to handle any requirement by any customer.

And, of course, “Evolving beyond copper” is about a responsible company, that is acting towards a sustainable future for all.

All this – and even more – is the meaning of HALCOR’s new message, today. And it will undoubtedly encapsulate more meanings in the future. Because HALCOR is one, forward-looking, ceaselessly evolving team. A team now equipped with the tagline that reflects its creative restlessness and its need to constantly become better. 

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