ElvalHalcor publishes its 15th Sustainability Report

A pathway committed to sustainable development

ElvalHalcor, in line with its commitment to operate responsibly with transparency and accountability, published its 15th Sustainability Report for 2022, a landmark year for the company, with high-level financial performance and significant progress. The report demonstrates the company’s sustainability strategy and commitment to make a positive impact and create value for all stakeholders. Moreover, the report presents all of ElvalHalcor’s initiatives and performance in the three main pillars: Environment, Society/People and Governance.

Commitment to environmental protection

Environmental protection is a strategic priority for ElvalHalcor and is part of its business operation and culture. ElvalHalcor implements targeted programs (e.g., energy saving, recycling of aluminium scrap and copper and more) and an integrated environmental management system.

  • The average percentage of recycled scrap (pre- and post-consumer) in the Aluminium Rolling Division exceeded 30%, by an overall increase of scrap utilization and special emphasis to packaging products, which present the highest figures of recycled aluminium. Recycling of copper scrap reached 49%.
  • 98% of ElvalHalcor’s waste was recycled or recovered.
  • The Aluminium Rolling Division recorded significant reductions in energy intensity, as a result of major investments in recent years and productivity.
  • The Copper Extrusion and Alloys Division achieved one of the first certifications in Greece for water management, against the ISO 46001:2019 Standard.

Focus on people

People are at the heart of ElvalHalcor’s business model. The company invests substantially and systematically in the health and safety of its people and partners, their continuous development and their overall well-being.

Actively supporting the younger generations, ElvalHalcor successfully completed the two twelve-month paid internship programs titled “Engineers of tomorrow” and “Vio-michanikoi orizontes” which gave 24 graduates from technical universities the opportunity to gain practical experience in its facilities. Upon completion of the two programs, 15 of the 24 engineers gained full-time employment while two more engineers were selected to work in our subsidiaries.

At the same time, ElvalHalcor implemented extensive in-house training programs largely focused on sustainable development and business ethics, which are presented in the report.

Supporting social well-being initiatives

ElvalHalcor’s positive impact in the local community where it operates is particularly strong. The company is one of the largest employers in the region, employing approximately 3,000 employees, with 56% of those from local communities (S. Viotia and Evia). The company’s commitment and goal is to contribute to the development and sustainability of local communities, supporting and implementing many important social solidarity initiatives, as detailed in the 2022 Sustainability Report.

Promoting recycling

ElvalHalcor has pioneered and participated in several initiatives focused on recycling, with many collaborations at local and national level. In recent years, it has supplied dozens of schools and local community sectors with special bins in collaboration with the organization “Every Can Counts” as part of an initiative to involve and raise awareness to teachers, students and institutions. Alongside “Every Can Counts”, the company has also begun collaborations with municipalities in order to collect aluminium cans for recycling. In addition, in 2022, the company participated, together with CANAL, in the “Recycling Amusement Park” initiative in Chalkida, aiming to promote aluminium recycling in Greece.

In its efforts to prioritize a recycling culture and raise awareness amongst its people, the company implemented the “Can’to praxi” initiative with the aim of collecting aluminium packaging either in workplace or at employees’ homes and recycling them at ElvalHalcor’s facilities, an initiative which was also extended to its subsidiaries.

About the report

The Report is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards 2021), the AA100 Accountability principles, and the new edition of the 2022 Athens Exchange ESG Disclosure Guide.

The 2022 Sustainability Report is available on ElvalHalcor’s website.

Referring to the publication of the company’s 2022 Sustainability Report, George Mavraganis, Strategic Planning & Sustainability Senior Manager of ElvalHalcor’s Copper and Alloys Extrusion Division, stated that: “Our company’s goal is to continuously improve our environmental footprint, setting key objectives to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, save raw materials and properly manage waste. Through our initiatives and projects which illustrate our strong commitment, we present all our initiatives in our 2022 Sustainability Report”.

In addition, Panagiotis Tserolas, Sustainability Senior Manager of ElvalHalcor’s Aluminium Rolling Division, stated that: “The past year has been important for us, both in terms of performance and challenges. All the important pillars of the company’s sustainability strategy are presented in this year’s report. The contribution of our products towards a low-carbon circular economy, responsibility and due diligence of our supply chain, the creation of a safe and inclusive workplace with a culture of continuous improvement, are all at the core of our business model. We strive for accountability and transparent communication with all stakeholders, and we want ElvalHalcor to be a leading company in sustainability’’.

About ElvalHalcor

ElvalHalcor is a leading global industrial producer of aluminium and copper products and solutions. The company has over 85 years of experience and know-how, a strong production base across 16 state-of-the-art production plants and a market presence in over 94 countries. ElvalHalcor offers sustainable solutions and products in dynamically developing markets such as packaging, transportation, building and construction, heating, cooling and air conditioning and RES.