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CO2 Systems Technology 

The rising demand of the international community for a green and safe environment has put pressure on the use of HFC refrigerants for HVAC&R applications. At the same time, the use of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant thrives and installations of CO2 (R-744) refrigeration systems are increasing at a high rate around the world.

CO2 is a natural refrigerant with zero ODP and a GWP of 1, being one of the best choices from an environmental perspective. CO2 refrigeration cycles, require high operating pressures in order to operate efficiently. Several technologies that improve the efficiency of CO2 systems have been established and are under development and optimization (e.g. ejectors, parallel compression, adiabatic cooling, etc.). New technologies lead to new and specialized design conditions that result in different levels of operating and design pressure and temperature.


TALOSS60 tubes are specifically designed for a maximum allowable pressure of 60bar and feature a reinforced wall thickness in comparison with the standardized TALOSACR tube range.

Combined with TALOSXS for 120/130bar and TALOSS80 for 80bar, TALOSS60 for 60bar completes Halcor’s copper tube portfolio for CO2applications and provides the HVAC&R designer a full range of choices corresponding to the unique design conditions.

The well-known installation practices of refrigeration copper tubes apply both in systems and in the field (see relevant EN378 standard for guidelines).

TALOSS60 Features

  • Suitable for ACR systems with a design pressure up to 60bar
  • Traditional processing techniques and equipment
  • Excellent “cold formability”
  • Smooth internal surface enhancing flow rate
  • High purity of internal surface
  • Stable mechanical properties covering an extensive temperature range
  • Excellent brazing ability
  • Compatible with standardized ACR fittings


TALOSS60 for 60bar1
Outer DiameterWall Thickness
1 1/8”28,581,420,056
1 3/8”34,931,730,068
1 5/8”41,282,050,081
2 1/8”53,982,670,105
2 5/8”66,683,300,130

¹Maximum Allowable Pressure calculation acc. to EN 14276:2020. For service temperatures from -196°C up to 100°C.

Form of supply

  • Straight lengths, in bundles (hard copper tubes) and in wooden boxes (soft copper tubes).
  • Pancakes-PNC in shrink-wrapped individual plastic bags. Depending on market requirements, products can be placed in cardboard boxes and pallets.