Tubi di rame


Impianti distribuzione gas medicali

Cleanliness and Resistance

In the sensitive healthcare areas and installations, it is imperative to use materials that safeguard cleanliness and have a neat appearance and durability. TALOS MEDTM copper  tubes, can withstand high operating pressures with unlimited durability, thanks to the natural strength of copper, hence they are the ideal choice for the construction of medical gases distribution networks. TALOS MEDTM copper tubes are manufactured according to the requirements of standard EN 13348. They are supplied with end caps to prevent contamination from dust and other particles during storage or transportation.


Copper phosphorus deoxidised (DHP-Cu) with minimum copper content 99,90% and Ρ= 0,015% – 0,040%.


EN 13348

Quality Marks


Mechanical Properties

TemperEN 13348 ClassificationMinimum Tensile strength Rm (MPa)Min elongation, A%
Half hardR-25025030

Standard Dimensions

Diameter x Thickness Dxs (mm)Internal diameter   (mm)Nominal copper weight   (kg/m)External surface area   (m²/m)Full volume (l/m)Packing (m)
6×1,004,00,1400,0190,013Straight lengths of 5m
8×1,006,00,1960,0250,028Straight lengths of 5m
10×1,008,00,2520,0310,050Straight lengths of 5m
12×1,0010,00,3080,0380,079Straight lengths of 5m
15×1,0013,00,3910,0470,133Straight lengths of 5m
18×1,0016,00,4750,9570,201Straight lengths of 5m
22×1,0020,00,5870,0690,314Straight lengths of 5m
22×1,2019,60,6980,0690,302Straight lengths of 5m
28×1,0026,00,7550,0880,531Straight lengths of 5m
28×1,5025,01,1110,0880,491Straight lengths of 5m
35×1,5032,01,4050,1100,804Straight lengths of 5m
42×1,5039,01,7000,1321,195Straight lengths of 5m
54×2,0050,02,9080,1701,963Straight lengths of 5m
64×2,0060,03,4670,2012,827Straight lengths of 5m
66,7Χ2,0062,73,6180,2103,088Straight lengths of 5m
76,1×2,0072,14,1440,2394,083Straight lengths of 5m
88,9×2,0084,94,8570,2795,661Straight lengths of 5m
108×2,50103,07,3750,3398,332Straight lengths of 5m