2017In December 2017, the merger by absorption of non-listed Elval by Athens Stock Exchange listed Halcor is concluded, while the latter is renamed to ElvalHalcor Hellenic Copper and Aluminium Industry S.A. (ElvalHalcor).
2016HALCOR gains a leading position among European copper tubes manufacturers.
Turnaround in Group profitability.
Following the cross-border merger by absorption by Cenergy Holdings of the Greek formerly listed companies Corinth Pipeworks Holdings S.A. and Hellenic Cables S.A. Holdings Société Anonyme, Halcor becomes Cenergy Holdings’ shareholder by 25% .
HALCOR participates in the share capital increase of International Trade S.A.
A cooperation agreement between Sofia Med and Dowa Metaltech is concluded in order to share know-how and technology transfer.
2015HALCOR acquires the commercial activities and distribution network of Reynolds European copper segment in France and Reynolds Cuivre SA is set up.
Halcor cooperates with Turkish Cantas A.S. to establish HS Isitma in Turkey.
2013With the completion of the investment of FULGOR, the Group becomes one of the few underwater high voltage cable producers globally.
2012Fulgor operations are fully integrated with those of the Group and the relevant restructuring of the product portfolio is launched.
The implementation of an investment plan begins in the Company’s plant in Soussaki (Corinth).
TalosⓇ Plated and TalosⓇ Geotherm copper tubes are launched in the market.
A new investment plan is launched by Sofia Med to strengthen its production of value-added products.
The major investment in Fulgor is complete and the Group is ranked among the few manufacturers of high voltage submarine cables worldwide.
2011Fulgor is integrated into the Hellenic Cables Group, thus strengthening its position in terms of know-how and production capacity in the submarine and high voltage cables sector.
2010The Group completes its 10-year extensive investment plan to increase the competitiveness of its production base.
Fitco incorporates the brass bars and tubes manufacturing branch of Halcor into its production process.
2008Hellenic Cables (HALCOR) launches new production process in 400 kV High and Extra high voltage cables.
2005The Halcor plant in Tavros starts manufacturing titan-zinc rolled products.
The new pioneering CusmartⓇ tubes are launched in the market.
2000HALCOR acquires majority holding in Hellenic Cables.
Sofia Med acquires the fixed assets of Kozm. Manufacturing of rolled copper and brass products is transferred to the Sofia Med plant. An extensive investment plan to restructure and upgrade the Group’s industrial premises begins.
1999Icme Ecab is integrated into the Hellenic Cables Group. It is based in Romania and mainly operates in the production of cables as well as plastic and rubber compounds.
1997Vector merges with Halcor and is renamed to Halcor
HALCOR acquires a 4.99% holding in Hellenic Cables S.A., also listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.
1996The shares of Vector are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.
1990HALCOR gives Vector its rolling equipment and the latter begins operations in the copper and other alloy rolling, extrusion and cutting sectors.
1981The rolling and extrusion branches of Viem are integrated into Halcor, along with Viohalco’s experience in the area.
1976HALCOR is incorporated and production of billets and slabs begins at the Oinofyta plant.
1937Hellenic Copper Industry begins operations and launches production in Viohalco’s newly-established industrial plants in Tavros (Attica).