The Copper Mark Partnership

HALCOR is proud to become a partner of the #The Copper Mark, thus enhancing further its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and practices.
The Copper Mark is an assurance framework available for the copper industry to demonstrate its responsible production practices and its contribution to the United Nations SDGs. The Copper Mark offers a comprehensive system that addresses 32 environmental, social and governance issues related to the responsible production of copper, using the Responsible Minerals Initiative’s (RMI) Risk Readiness Assessment. Since March 2020, the Copper Mark is open for applications from copper producers (mining, smelting, refining) to participate in its assurance process. 
Copper Mark Partners are organisations in the copper value chain that use or rely on copper in their business and that have made a public commitment to the Copper Mark’s vision and objectives and recognise the responsible production and sourcing of copper in their business activities through expressing a preference for copper producers assured by the Copper Mark. By becoming a partner of the Copper Mark, Halcor commits to work in cooperation with the Copper Mark in order to support improvements in environmental, social and governance outcomes in all aspects of the copper value chain. Moreover Halcor’s goal is to participate in the assurance process as soon as it is available for fabricators, something that expected from 2023 onwards.