TALOSⓇ PLATED (verchromt)

Wasserversorgung, Heizung

Product Description 

TALOS PLATED™ copper tubes have been developed for use in sanitary and heating installations. These metal plated copper tubes provide unique aesthetics and are suitable for both new build and renovation work. There is no need to conceal the tubes and the result delivers a smart finish, which is easy to keep clean. TALOS PLATED™ copper tubes possess excellent resistance to internal, as well as, external corrosion due to the inherent properties of copper and the tough external coating. The metallic coating ensures a brightly polished, mirror-like surface that is long lasting and is well matched with other plated accessories found in contemporary bathroom and heating installations.

TALOS PLATED™ copper tubes are supplied in half hard or soft temper that enables easy bending. This makes TALOS PLATED™ copper tubes quick to install, saving time and money.

Product Features

  • Long lasting plated surface for that modern chromiumlook which fits perfectly with contemporary taps, radiators, towel rails and bathroom fittings.
  • Suitable for all exposed plumbing installations, in both horizontal and vertical runs.
  • Half-hard or Soft temper to retain the bendable qualities of copper tube.
  • Supplied in a variety of straight lengths to save waste.


Copper phosphorus deoxidised (DHP-Cu) with min. copper content 99.9% and P=0.015% – 0.040%


Mechanical Properties: EN 1057

Internal cleanliness: EN 1057 

Company Standard: TB010

Half hard in straight lengths

Outside Diameter* (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Length** (m)
100.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
120.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
140.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
150.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
160.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
180.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
220.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3
320.7-1.01/1,2/ 2/ 2,75/ 3

*Additional diameters are available upon request.
** Additional lengths are available upon request.