Two awards for Halcor at “Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2020”

Two awards for Halcor at “Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2020”

Oinofyta, February 25th., 2020

Halcor received a total of two awards at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards, once again highlighting the Company’s commitment to Sustainable Development principles and its commitment to implementing responsible business practices. The event for the awards was held on Monday, February 24, at the Benaki Museum, 138 Piraeus & Andronikou Street in Athens.

Halcor’s best practices that were awarded in this year’s “HRB” are in the category:

• Sustainable Development – Recycling – Recycling of Copper and Copper Alloys – Silver Prize
• Sustainable Development – Supply Chain – Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Training –   Bronze Award

Halcor invests heavily in Sustainable Development and seeks continuous responsible growth by implementing sound entrepreneurial practices. In the context of sustainable development, the company places great emphasis on recycling metals and especially copper and copper alloys. Halcor always looking forward to environmental protection and the immediate saving of natural resources in combination with the optimum economic result, covers a significant part of its raw material needs by replacing primary raw materials with scrap metal if used. The term scrap is used for the description of recyclable metals remaining of all kinds in the production and consumption processes of products such as car spare parts, building equipment and other materials. In this way, Halcor becomes the largest recycler of copper, zinc and their alloys in Greece. During 2018, the scrap we recycled and used as raw material, reached 51% of the total amount of metal we consumed.

Halcor In order to disseminate the principles of Sustainable Development and promote responsible practices in our supply chain, the Company has developed a Code of Conduct for Suppliers. The Company’s Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the framework we follow for managing our supplies responsibly. The Code describes our expectations / requirements from our supply chain (suppliers and partners) regarding Sustainable Development issues. The sections of the Code cover issues related to environmental protection, health and safety at work, work practices, ethics and integrity, transparency and respect for competitiveness, meritocracy and equal opportunities, etc. Halcor communicates this Code to its suppliers and partners (existing and new) who need to be aware of the responsible practices implemented by the Company and adopt shared values and principles in the context of Sustainable Development, which we believe will bring mutual benefits. In addition and in order to further improve our supply chain, we encourage our suppliers and partners to transmit the dissemination of the Code principles and to promote responsible practices with their own suppliers and partners. As our suppliers and partners are an important link in the chain of our business, we have chosen to be in constant communication and collaboration with them. In this context, and focusing on the need to raise awareness and commitment to relevant sustainable development initiatives that will encourage the development of responsible supply chain practices, we ensure that we inform and train our suppliers on general responsible issues. This practice is an initiative we launched in 2015 and implement on an annual basis, since we have also received very positive feedback from our suppliers. All initiatives and responsible practices implemented by Halcor are detailed in the Sustainable Development Report published annually

About Halcor
Halcor is the copper tubes division of ElvalHalcor S.A., a leading copper industry that specializes in the production, processing and marketing of copper and copper alloys products with dynamic commercial presence in the European and global markets. For more than 80 years, Halcor has been offering innovative and addedvalue solutions that meet contemporary client demands in fields, such as plumbing, HVAC&R, renewable energy, architecture, engineering and industrial production.

About «Hellenic Responsible Awards 2020»

These are the Corporate Business Awards organized by Boussias Communications for the fifth consecutive year.

The successful institution, which has changed the CSR debate by setting the stage for the promotion of sustainable investment and strategic partnerships for sustainable entrepreneurship, brings together business and institutional leaders, each year, in a collaborative venture. Greece of us “.

At the 5th event, the institution receives the Honorable Support of: Transparency International Greece, HSEECorporate Executives Association, EEDEGE-National Chamber of Commerce of Greek Women Entrepreneurs, Bodosaki Foundation, Hellenic Society of Sponsored Links , Togme EEDE-Department of Women Manager &

Entrepreneurship Development Hellenic Society for Business Management and Hellas Cert, implemented with the Scientific Cooperation of University of Piraeus-Laboratory of Economics, Ky. likis Economy and Sustainable Development and the Diversity Charter Greece.