Press Upgrade: Maximizing our efficiency

One project, multiple benefits.

We are excited to present the largest equipment upgrade project undertaken at Halcor in the last few decades:
The upgrade of our 40 MN SMS press.

86 dedicated members of the #HalcorTeam and 35 employees from external workshops worked for 31 days and nights to complete this exciting project, using the most advanced extrusion technology.

Which are the benefits of the Press Upgrade:

  • Higher quality and greater reliability.
  • A significant increase in our production capacity.
  • Expansion of our product range.
  • Ensures proper operation of our Copper Tubes Plant for the next 20 years.
  • It marks another major evolvement for Halcor, representing a project that serves as a model in terms of safety, organization and implementation.

The planning and implementation of the project were carried out in collaboration with SMS group and were completed:

  • Within the designated timeframe.
  • Without interrupting the operation of the Copper Tubes Plant.
  • In absolute compliance with our Health & Safety Policy.

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