ElvalHalcor’s double distinction at “Business Awards Hrima” 1st place in the “Globalization” award category and 2nd place “Best International Activities Company”

Athens, December 23 2020

ElvalHalcor’s double distinction at “Business Awards Hrima”

1st place in the “Globalization” award category and 2nd place “Best International Activities Company”



ElvalHalcor received 1st place in the “Globalization” award category and the 2nd award ”Best International Activities Company” at the “Business Awards Hrima 2020”. “Business Awards Hrima” are recognized by the business and investment community as a renowned institution of annual evaluation for the listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange.


For the 18th consecutive year, the investment community, readers of the financial-investment ”Hrima” magazine, as well as visitors of the business-financial portal, banks.com.gr, highlighted and rewarded companies that contribute effectively to the growth of the national economy, employment and the Greek capital market.


ElvalHalcor is a top ranking industrial company in the global  aluminium and copper products markets.  It is a leading export company contributing to the national economy, with a strong production base across 15 industrial units, a market presence in over 100 countries, and highly experienced and specialised personnel. In 2019, the annual consolidated revenue of ElvalHalcor amounted to EUR 2,045 million, while ElvalHalcor’s sales to non-Greek markets accounted to EUR 1,432 million.


ElvalHalcor’s growth is founded on sustainable development principles and practices, creating value for all stakeholders. The Company invests substantially and systematically in its human resources, placing a great emphasis on their training and development, whilst maintaining the health and safety of its people and partners as a top priority. It focuses on environmental protection and climate change prevention practices and emphasizes  the circular economy model, supporting the transition towards a green economy.



About ElvalHalcor

ElvalHalcor is a leading global industrial producer of aluminium and copper products. The Company was formed in December 2017 via the merger of ELVAL and HALCOR. ElvalHalcor currently holds a leading position in Europe in the copper tubes sector, while also having established its leading position within the global aluminum rolling industry. The Company has over 80 years of experience and know-how, a strong production base across 15 state-of-the-art production plants and a market presence in over 100 countries. ElvalHalcor offers sustainable solutions and products in dynamically developing markets such as packaging, transportation, building and construction, heating, cooling and air conditioning and RES. ElvalHalcor’s growth focuses on investing in technology and sustainable development, thereby creating value for its stakeholders. For more information about the Company, please visit the website www.elvalhalcor.com



About the “Hrima Business Awards”

The “2019 Hrima Business Awards” is an initiative from the renowned financial-investment Hrima magazine in collaboration with Ethos Events and the financial and business portal Banks.com.gr.
Companies are selected for awards after being evaluated on a number of criteria such as the course of their financial performance, their stability, the expansion of their market shares, their performance in the stock market and investor relations, and initiatives related to globalization, innovation and an emphasis on investment. For more information please visit http://hrima.ethosawards.eu.