Scientifically proven antimicrobial properties

The antimicrobial efficacy of Antimicrobial Copper and copper alloys is backed by science. Laboratory research has been carried out, with over 30 peer-reviewed and published papers, verified by institutions around the world, including the UK, the US, South Africa, Germany, Greece and Japan.

This research has demonstrated that Antimicrobial Copper in touch surfaces, as well as air conditioning and ventilation systems has been proven to be more effective in the continuous elimination of bacteria that cause serious and dangerous infections, compared to the use of other materials.

Antimicrobial Copper has the highest efficacy in continuously killing bacteria causing HCAIs, due to the fact that it delivers ongoing antibacterial action, by inhibiting the build-up and growth of bacteria within two hours of exposure.

Furthermore, clinical trials under way around the world, are demonstrating the benefits of Antimicrobial Copper in actual use conditions. Results show that microbial contamination is significantly reduced on copper compared to standard surfaces by more than 97%, while the risk of infection is reduced by more than 40%. Moreover, copper exhibits antimicrobial efficacy under typical indoor humidity and temperature conditions, as opposed to silver-containing materials and Triclosan. In addition, the ongoing antimicrobial action of copper remains effective even between routine cleaning and sanitising steps and even after the surface has been scratched or after repeated recontamination.

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