Tubes en Cuivre


Applications industrielles

Exceptional Forming Capability

TALOS FORM is an advanced copper tube with exceptional forming capability. TALOSFORM is characterized by the ability to be formed into shapes that require a high degree of elongation. This advanced forming ability finds application in the manufacturing of critical HVACR elements, such as connection fittings for boilers, heat exchangers parts and other intricate-formed components.

The use of TALOS FORM over standard tubing ensures higher productivity, by requiring a smaller number of forming steps to achieve a precise shape. At the same time, components made from TALOS FORM achieve excellent functional quality.

The enhanced properties of TALOS FORM are achieved through a highly controlled production process, specifically designed for the particular purpose. The high level of formability of TALOS FORM is verified through measurement of the tube expansion behavior, following the standardized test method EN ISO 8493.

TALOS FORM Product Features

  • High degree of forming and ease of processing
  • Ideally suited for HVACR fittings and parts
  • Higher productivity with smaller number of forming steps
  • Made from 100% recyclable DHP Copper


Copper phosphorus deoxidised (Cu-DHP), having minimum copper content 99,90% and P = 0,015% – 0,040%.


EN 12735-2, EN12449, Internal Company Specification

Form of Supply

Light Annealed in spools (LWC) with or without central carton support.


LWG coil weight (kg)115, 150, 200, 460


Outside diameter (mm)4-22
Wall thicknessς (mm)0,50 – 1,20

Coil Geometry

Outer diameter (mm)max. 1350
Inner diameter (mm)610
Height (mm)150 – 600