Customer satisfaction and complaint management

One of HALCOR’s key concerns is to maintain and develop trust-based relationship with customers. HALCOR’s customer-oriented philosophy emphasises response time to requests, and the comprehensive nature of the product support services offered.
Customer satisfaction levels are recorded in a systematic, well-organised manner, via regular customer satisfaction surveys, and the results of surveys are evaluated and steps planned to achieve improvements, wherever that is considered necessary. As part of the Company’s Quality Management System, HALCOR records and evaluates the views of customers, any complaints they have and also takes into account comments and proposals to achieve continuous improvements in the quality of its products and services.
As an industry firmly focused on maximising levels of customer satisfaction, HALCOR treats complaints it may receive from customers as a source of information and an opportunity to improve, and also to potentially re-engineer processes if that is considered necessary. HALCOR manages complaints in a well organised manner, recording them and forwarding each complaint to the appropriate department. In 2013 HALCOR achieved a major improvement in response time to customer complaints, reflecting its ongoing endeavours to make improvements and the high level of customer satisfaction.
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