Air emissions management

HALCOR recognises the need to combat climate change and the importance of all of us striving together to achieve this goal. It is making continuous efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its operations. To achieve this it has taken a series of measures which are listed below:
  • It uses fuels that emit fewer greenhouse gases per unit of energy generated, such as natural gas.
  • It carries out frequent, appropriate maintenance and adjusts equipment to achieve optimal fuel usage and consequently fewer atmospheric pollutants.



Transport emissions

Both the nature of HALCOR’s activities and the location of its production plant require personnel to travel there and that raw materials be taken to and products taken from the production plants. HALCOR seeks to minimise the number of journeys required to the bare minimum. To achieve that it has taken the following steps:
  • teleconference systems have been installed and are used to communicate with customers and associates abroad.
  • employees are provided with accommodation in the local area.
  • staff is transported using company buses.
  • staff is recruited from the local community.
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