Group structure

The HALCOR Group consists of of six subsidiaries and seven associates/joint ventures with years of experience in the production and marketing of copper and copper alloys. HALCOR and its subsidiaries in Greece and abroad operate and grow based on a carefully designed strategic plan, which ensures that the Group leverages all of its resources and the maximum possible company synergies, for the benefit of its customers around the world. 
The companies of the HALCOR group are the following: 
Company Country Participation
HALCOR S.A. Greece Parent
SOFIA MED S.A. Bulgaria 88,88%
FITCO Α.Ε. Greece 100,00%
TECHOR S.A. Greece 100,00%
CENERGY HOLDINGS S.A. Belgium 25,16%
STEELMET S.A. Greece 29,56%
VIENER S.A. Greece 20,66%
ELKEME S.A. Greece 25,00%
VIEXAL S.A. Greece 26,67%
ΧΑΛΚΟΡ R&D Greece 70,00%
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