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Range of antimicrobial copper Cu+ products

Halcor is a member of the Copper Alliance and supports the Antimicrobial Copper initiative in raising awareness of Antimicrobial Copper’s ability to combat infectious bacteria in healthcare facilities, mass transit, educational and office facilities. 
Moreover, Halcor has received approval from the International Copper Association Ltd. to use the Cu+® brand, name and mark. Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® products constitute an integrated category of materials that are proven to be more effective than any other product, in continuously killing microbes that cause infections. 
Halcor produces a wide range of copper alloy semi-finished products, under the Cu+® brand, with antimicrobial properties that are backed by scientific evidence. With a strong commitment on health & safety and environmental protection, Halcor is leveraging its expertise and innovation capabilities to offer a wide range of Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® alloy semi-finished products. 
These products can have many applications in diverse environments, including healthcare and medical facilities, schools or sports premises, public transport, food preparation and hospitality sites. They offer an effective tool in the fight against harmful bacteria, thus increasing hygiene and enhancing efforts to protect public health. 
The Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® range offered by Halcor includes: 
Copper Tubes 
Outside diameter 4.76 mm - 104.8 mm 
Thickness 0.25 mm - 2.5 mm
Thickness 0.10mm - 4.00mm
Width 10mm - 1250mm
Thickness 0.30mm - 4.00mm
Width 4.00mm - 1250mm
Length 4.00mm - 3500mm
ø50mm - ø1200mm 
Thickness 10mm - 100mm
Brass tubes
Thickness 0.5mm - 2mm
Diameter 8mm - 80mm
Brass bars 
Round 25mm - 70mm


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