Products quality

HALCOR holds a leading place in the European and global market because of the top quality of its products and services.
For HALCOR, ensuring quality products is a strategic choice, a competitive advantage, and a matter of business responsibility. HALCOR is particularly focused on the quality of the products it manufactures, and that is why it implements a well-designed, cutting-edge Quality Management System tailored to its own needs, and certified in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. During all stages of production, strict, in-depth checks are carried out by specialised, highly trained staff, to ensure the top quality of our products. Quality control procedures at HALCOR are verified both by frequent customer inspections and audits carried out by independent Greek and international certification bodies.
HALCOR carries out continuous checks to ensure that its products conform to performance criteria specified in the requirements of international standards, order specifications and customer requirements.
HALCOR systematically checks how its products interact with user health and safety, since its products are frequently used in important applications such as water supply pipes. In all events, copper’s physical properties help protect the health of end users since it has major antimicrobial properties.
HALCOR products come with quality marks, confirming that exacting specifications have been complied with. HALCOR has recently been granted the right to use the quality marks for its products provided by the Czech Republic (SZU), Holland (ATA) and VIK (Croatia) for water supply tubes. This is an important condition for marketing its products in those markets.
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