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HALCOR is dedicated to research, to developing innovative, cutting-edge products by constantly improving and developing, while also striving to meet all customer needs. Coupled with its ongoing capital expenditure plan which is implemented each year to optimise production processes, HALCOR aims to check the quality of all products manufactured and to develop new products and applications for its product range.

“With the customer as a priority, all partnerships reflect our reliability, our respect for customers and the quality of our products and services..”
“At HALCOR we are systematically investing in research and technology, to promote innovation and generate new cutting-edge products..”

Comprehensive services: New Inner Grooved Tubes (IGT) thermal performance testing lab

To provide as comprehensive a range of services to customers as possible and to make continuous improvements and developments in what it does, HALCOR has set up a new innovative lab to test the thermal performance of Inner Grooved Tubes (IGTs). The thermal performance testing lab allows the heat transfer coefficient of tubes intended for heat exchangers to be measured. The heat transfer coefficient is measured for HFC cooling fluids (like R410A, R134A and others) in the condensation and evaporation phase. It is also possible to measure pressure drops due to friction.
The purpose of the lab is:
  • To measure / evaluate the different thermal performance rates of different IGT designs and shapes.
  • To provide technical support to manufacturers of heat exchangers (air-conditioning units).
  • To develop IGT designs for tailor-made applications depending on the specific needs and specifications of each and every customer.
Having set up this lab, HALCOR is now well poised to:
  • accurately understand the key principles governing how heat exchangers behave depending on the different designs of IGTs.
  • correlate the operating conditions of heat exchangers with corresponding lab conditions.
  • tailor the design of IGTs to achieve the preferred performance targets set by manufacturers for the design of the heat exchanger.
The benefits of having this facility are particularly important for HALCOR and its customers, given the new range of services that can now be offered. It is worth noting that thanks to this new lab the tests to be carried out will result in the energy performance of IGTs being optimised, which will also have particularly encouraging effects on the environment. Using tubes with a high energy rating results in an overall improvement in the energy rating of new heat exchangers, resulting in reduced energy consumption and therefore fewer pollutant gases being emitted to the atmosphere. 
HALCOR is an active member of the Hellenic Research Centre for Metals (ELKEME) to help it promote new technology R&D in the copper sector, product improvements and the achievement of cutting edge requirements. The Company is also a founding member of the Hellenic Copper Development Institute and is actively involved in its programmes, either by providing materials and space for seminars to be held, or by financing the running of specific programmes across all of Greece.
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