Waste management

HALCOR takes steps to manage the waste generated as a result of its production processes by acting in full compliance with the relevant legislation. At the same time by implementing an Environmental Management System and by constantly striving to improve its environmental performance, HALCOR seeks to go beyond the requirements laid down by law, in order to ensure optimum environmental protection.
A speciffic waste management procedure is implemented, whose objective is to reduce the volume of waste generated. Best practices for recycling, reuse and recovery are then employed. Most of the waste generated is recycled or recovered to generate energy.  Only a small portion of the waste ends up in landfill sites, thereby minimising the Company’s impact on the natural environment.
HALCOR has industrial wastewater treatment systems to suitably manage wastewater from its production processes. There are three wastewater treatment plants in operation, for primary treatment (sedimentation and oil removal – physical treatment) and/or chemical treatment (by regulating the pH level). By properly operating and maintaining this infrastructure, the Company ensures that the wastewater leaving its facilities complies with the provisions governing the disposal of wastewater to natural bodies of water.
In addition, each month HALCOR monitors treated waste environmental parameters (such as pH, BOD5, COD, total suspended solids, fats and oil- hydrocarbons, heavy metals, temperature, etc.) in line with the terms of its approved wastewater disposal licenses. 
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