Environmental management system

HALCOR’s management team is committed to environmental protection, a commitment it implements by comprehensively managing the environmental impacts of its operations. To achieve this,HALCOR  has adopted a specific Environmental Policy and is committed to implementing it as part of an ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management System which applies to all its production plants.
HALCOR achieves continuous improvements in its environmental ratings by properly implementing its Environmental Management System, and by investing in projects and programmes. To help monitor the progress of its environmental programmes and the continuous improvements in the Environmental Management System the Company set up an Environment Department division staffed by skilled experts. Management is briefed about all environmental protection issues and monitors how Environmental Policy is implemented.
The acknowledgement of the parameters that have an environmental impact has the objective of being able to monitor these and provide the means to prevent environmental problems. In order to manage effectively its environmental issues, HALCOR has implemented a system by which it is able to monitor and record all parameters that have an environmental impact.

Monitoring Program 

In HALCOR’s plants, monitoring and recording systems for treated wastewater, air emissions and noise are installed. For the measurement and analysis of these environmental parameters, established and proven methods are employed. The data of these systems is recorded and stored, readily available on request by the appropriate authorities. 

Audits and Compliance with Legal Requirements

HALCOR’s guiding principle is fully compliant with the relevant national and European environmental legislation. It continuously carries out environmental audits at all facilities to check compliance with the legislation and observance of the Company’s environmental procedures and measures. The results of these environmental audits are presented to HALCOR’s management team and additional measures are taken if necessary.  
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