Training for health and safety

HALCOR's performance in the health and safety sector is to a large degree dependent on the involvement of all employees, and the responsible attitude they take towards such matters. That is why HALCOR attaches particular importance to training its employees about health and safety issues. In parallel with training courses, a Health and Safety Manual is also distributed to employees, containing the HALCOR's Health and Safety Principles and relevant rules in order to provide guidance and change their attitude towards safer practices at work.
Training on health and safety issues is not only offered to HALCOR’s own staff but also to the staff of contractors working at its facilities.
Health and Safety and Environmental Month 
During 2010,HALCOR organized for the first time the “Health and Safety and Environmental Month”. The Health, Safety & Environment Month is now a firm fixture on HALCOR’s annual calendar and is designed to promote knowledge about health, safety and environmental issues and to raise more awareness among staff in this sector.
During the month HALCOR ran a long training course to ensure continuous improvements in employee technical skills on critical aspects of safety such as how to manage chemical leaks, how to put out fires, and how to work safely at heights, and various environmental topics were also addressed. Printed material were also distributed to all company staff and associates about Health, Safety and Environment at work and away from the workplace. The subjects discussed in the training courses each year are selected depending on the requirements that need to be fulfilled.
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