Commitments to standards and initiatives

HALCOR in the context of its Sustainable Development implements and supports a range of initiatives, standards and guidelines for CSR.
International Standard ISO 26000 for Sustainable Development
ISO 26000 is the most comprehensive Sustainable Development standard offering guidance to organisations about how to implement actions and take measures to cover a series of Sustainable Development issues. HALCOR has incorporated responsible operating practices into all its activities to maximise the benefit for itself and for society as a whole in general.
Corporate Responsibility is an operating method and a vehicle to achieving Sustainable Development. HALCOR has integrated the principles of Sustainable Development in its entrepreneurial philosophy, aiming to operate in an ethical context, in partnership with the community within which it operates. HALCOR’s goal is to generate value for each of its stakeholders.
HALCOR’s performance in relation to each principle and section of the ISO 26000 standard is presented in the GRI table at the end of the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report 2014 by matching the GRI indicators to the sections of the ISO 26000 standard.
The Global Compact
The Company supports the UN Global Compact, the largest international voluntary Sustainable Development initiative in the world and follows the 10 global principles in the fields of human rights, employment practices, the environment and combating corruption. HALCOR has incorporated these 10 principles into its policies, procedures and systems.
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