Although nowadays more and more companies implement Sustainable Development practices, CSR is not a new idea. Concepts such as sponsorships and philanthropy were well-known in ancient Greece while also appear in the modern history of Greece.
The industrial revolution during late 19th century can be considered as the starting point for social initiatives undertaking by firms which were expressing their social responsibility in various ways (eg residence offering for their employees, caring for them and families, etc.).
In 1987 with the publication of the now well known Brutland Report which adopts the term “sustainable development”, emphasis is given to the need to promote and apply a new type of precautionary approach to the environment and its protection in order to ensure sustainable future growth.
As Sustainable Development, we mean the ethics a business uses for its relations with society. More specifically, this includes the responsible activities of its management in its relations with other stakeholders. In 2011, European Commission redefined CSR by submitting a wider definition: “the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society".
From its establishment until today HALCOR operates responsibly, with respect to its employees and shareholders and in cooperation with local communities, taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders.
Milestones in HALCOR’s CSR actions and initiatives
1992: The pipe mill of former HALCOR was EN 29002- and ISO 9002-certified for its Quality Assurance System.
1994: Rolling products was also ISO 9002-certified  
1995: The HALCOR S.A. foundry was also ISO 9002 certified.
1996: Hellenic Copper Development Institute (HCDI) was established. HALCOR was a founding member.
1998: The Company pipe mill was ISO 9001 certified.
2001: The SAP business data processing system was put into operation, allowing HALCOR to utilize the internationally acclaimed ERP business tools.
2002: An investment project worth approximately euro 13.5 million was completed in the pipe mill, its salient feature being the purchase and installation of a new 4,000 TN extrusion press. Euro 20 million were invested in the Sofia Med plant.
2008: First “Sustainable Development Report” publication, according to Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, G3 edition.
2009: The Company was chosen as Export Leader in the “2009 Export Turnover” category by HELEXPO and STATBANK in September 2009.
  • HALCOR received an honorary distinction for its “2009 Sustainable Development Report” from the University of the Aegean.
  • The ICAP Group rated HALCOR as one of the “Strongest Companies in Greece”, which includes companies with a high credit rating.
  • HALCOR continues to be one of the “Strongest Companies in Greece” for a second consecutive year based on the rating performed by the ICAP Group.
  • HALCOR was chosen as Greece’s Country Representative during evaluation of the Greek participations in the European Business Awards.
  • HALCOR achieved a dual distinction at the “BRAVO 2012” awards for the Perception Index and the Sustainability Index.
  • HALCOR was praised awarded by the University of the Aegean for the high ranking its “2011 Sustainable Development Report” achieved in line with GRI – G3.1.
  • Distinction at the Made in Greece Awards 2013 in the Export Activities category.
  • IASON 2013: Premier Greek Exports Award at the Greek Exports Awards 2013.
  • HALCOR received an honorary distinction for its 2012 Sustainable Development Report from the University of the Aegean.
  • Distinction at the ‘’Business Awards HRIMA – George Ouzounis 2014”.
  • Distinction for Halcor at the Greek Exports Awards 2014.
  • Best Supplier Award 2014.


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